home made puff-puff with cinnamon sugar

hi guys. so this is the home made nigerian snack i made for my girls this saturday. it was so amazing and easy to make that i will never buy another puff puff outside again. and did i add it was to easy.


all purpose flour- 400mg

yeast- 1 1/2 tsp

icing sugar- 2 tbsp

mixed spice- 1 tsp

lukewarm water- 2 cups

salt- 1/2 tsp

canola oil- 1 litre

sugar- 1 cube

cinnamon suagr

granulated sugar- 1/4 cup

cinnamon- 1/4 tsp

first of all, i used icing sugar because thats what i had at my disposal and when i tasted it, i knew it needed just a dash more sweetness so there goes the cube of sugar. now this is the deal. when making this puff puff, you have to wait till the yeast activates and doubles the mixture then your good to go. so lets start cooking


1.add the flour, yeast, icing sugar, salt, mixed spice, cube of sugar and water. mixed them all up into a pasty thingy. cover for 30 minutes till it doubles in size. after that mix again to deflate all the air. the secret to getting that mix puffed up is the use of a pot or wok. using a frying pan is a no no unless you want pancakes puffs.

2.add the oil to the pan. heat it up for 3 minutes and add an onion slice for 20 seconds to spice up the oil. scope out. now to the frying, place the mix near the pot and add a scope of the puff mix with a spoon , making sure not to overcrowd the pot at least 4 puff per batch, turn to brown slighty

3. when done, put into a sieve with a paper towel to drain the excess oil, then sprinkle with the cinnamon suagr viola.

it is just amazing. you have to try it to believe it.

fast and furious cake

haa! got yah. thinking there is a cake by that name

it was based on a mickey mouse cake i made and had to frost on the same day within the same hour. as i’m quiet busy now, i’ll still give u the juicy details to how the day went down and sweet story of success, heyah!!!!

remember the secret is in your passion


i am practically cracking my brain just to think of a way to start this post. well i want to talk about the art of giving!

just those few words seems like i just wrote my jamb exam all over again.lol. well the thing is i have so much ideas in my head i want to share with u on so many topics, but i’ll start with this.i was just about to make vanilla cupcakes for my brother and kept wondering whether to stick to the recipe i know or jazz it up a lil, “to jazz or not to jazz” what a dilemma.

 if i jazz, would the cake turn out right *sigh*. while i decided to jazz and guess what, it turned out better than i expected.absolutely delicious.

so by now, you’d be wondering where the sharing comes in, but if you think of it aint i sharing juicy gist with you already! haha.what i mean to say is if i had never read other free advice giving by food bloggers i might still be on my bed thinking and wishing for the day i’ll be a blogger and be able to reach you guys.

so this day i share with you this advice! drum roll pls. You have one chance to live this life, get out of your comfort zone, dare something, bake a cake, don’t be such a couch potato waiting for that big break that would happen in your dreams. get going already! you can do it PERIOD.

my vanilla sponge cake with vanilla creamy dreamy frosting

hi guys! how has your day been.mine was spent snoozing. i want to use this opportunity to thank a very dear friend of mine for helping make this dream of mine come true. Mr  vycade, i salute!

this goal of this blog is to share with you my passion for all things sweet, savory and dam right tasty.today i would be giving you the recipe of my award wining vanilla sponge cake( that’s what i call it). its soft, moist and practically melts in your mouth. OMG seriously  salivating right now. lol. this recipe is sooooo easy an African man can make it. so here it goes.

ingredients( for 8 inch 2 layer cake)

butter- 250mg

sugar- 1 1/2 cups

eggs- 4

buttermilk- 1cup/ 200ml

flour- 285mg

baking powder- 4tsp

vanilla flavour- 3tsp

how to

step 1- measure your butter and sugar into a mixing bowl and whisk until it changes into a creamy colour and it becomes light and airy( about 15mins). ensure you scrap the sides of the blow every 5mins.

step 2- separate the eggs yolks form the egg white and add the vanilla flavour into it. add this into your butter/sugar mix and mix completely.

ps  egg whites should be poured into a clean greasefree bowl

step 3- now this part is very simple so no need to panic and start to pull out your hair out of frustration, you would visually divide your flour ( which has been sieved and mixed with baking powder) into three equal part. you will add the first batch into the mixture in step two, mix gently and thoroughly,followed by half content of milk. repeat this ending with the flour.

step 4-take your egg white and whisk until is foams and thickens, gently fold into the mixture in step three careful not to deflate the eggs whites.

step 5- butter two 8inch pans and dust with flour, divided in two equal parts in the pan. bake in your oven at 180 degrees for 35-40 mins until toothpick inserted into the middle comes out without any crumbs.

step 6- allow cake to cool for 10mins , then turn on a rack and completely. then cover with your frosting of choice. however my vanilla creamy dreamy frosting is by far the best choice to make and the recipes is below

vanilla creamy dreamy frosting


icing sugar-500mg

vanilla flavour- 5ml

condense sweetened milk- 1 can

place ingredients 1-3 in a bowl and whisk until it becomes light and airy. then add the condensed milk and mix again. viola! there you have. very easy. spread this delightful divine dream on your cake and indulge.

and remember, the secret ingredient is passion!

the best buttercream frosting for 9ja climate

y’all. i’m going to be giving you the secret ingredient to the best tasting buttercream

guess- its evaporated milk.

any brand is ok, but i use peak milk cuz its easy to find around here.

so give it a try and tell me what you think. and remember passion is the secret ingredient.

ps i’ll soon start posting pictures of all my experiments from my lab!